Sunday, November 30, 2008


the simple dress with velvet ruffle collar (a custom piece). so soft and silky, i love it. if it weren't raining out right now, i would be wearing this with black tights and booties to meet some friends. instead, i'll keep my jeans and sneakers on and spare you the photo.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

bryn & lou

a few years ago, deena, from strong kent wythe, and i started this little company, bryn & lou (tiny toys), named after our little dogs. we made block prints, organic toys, cat dancers, mobiles, and basically whatever else we came up with. we even had a great write up in lucky magazine. then i moved to los angeles and it was kind of put on hold. right now we're so busy starting our own companies (and blogging) that it's hard to find time for it...but the good thing is that we know bryn & lou will always be there, whenever we feel like picking it back up, in any way we desire. anyway, my train of thought led me to the webpage, which deena brilliantly designed (and i think effortlessly, too). it's an image i will never tire of because it continues to inspire and mean so many good things to me...

heavy metal | | | miami slice

i'll be in miami for a much-needed mini-vacation during art basel (12|4|08-12|7|08), and one of the few things i'm making a priority (besides sun) is checking out this jose davila installation for renwick gallery. it will be at art positions, which is off the main site, on the beach front. art positions gives 20 young galleries a shipping container to showcase their artist(s). in davila and renwick's case, the container is the art. i've heard a lot about it from my friend, christine, who manages the gallery, and can't wait to see it in person. i'm not well-versed in art in any way, but i think from this image, it looks like perfection.

if you are around, please come by.

renwick gallery @
art positions | p18
jose davila

cat's meow

paris vogue 2009 calendar via life in lomo.

photo by terry richardson.


via b

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

hermes pheasant hunting umbrella via paul pincus

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

duskin: spring 09

i really loved this model, debora muller from one management. she was so sweet and professional. she barely spoke any english, but she did a great job working with our photographer, matt wilson. there must be some model/photographer language that i'm not privy to.

wrap dress in silk charmeuse. you can't really tell here, but it's so short and silky that it's terribly sexy.

another ideal outfit

from top to bottom. i would love to wear this on a breezy fall day. actually, minus the sweater, i could wear it all-year-round.

philip lim furry sweater

acne ruffle bouse

organic pleated trousers

antik batik shoes

all from la garconne. of course, i might have added something from duskin if we were sold there. alas, something to aspire to.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

music for the morning after

i listen to my playlist on the blog pretty much every day and though i love it, i think it's time for some new songs...i'm working on a new one, which i hope to update once a month...coming soon.

with open arms

another wonderful thing i discovered while visiting the loveology blog: seabear, an icelandic band. click here for their Mypsace page. the music in this video actually starts at around 0:30. don't mind the little girl. she's a bit random (like a hippie child on acid), but amazing at the same time.


mila, at loveology, consistently has the most beautiful posts. check out her most recent: sometimes. loving it.

numero uno

this image from numero tokyo is amaaazing. sick. brilliant. everything i want.
thanks to bfor scanning it in.

Monday, November 24, 2008

carrying a torch

forget banksy, we'll always have banks.

burning church, by banks violette (2003 whitney museum)


barbara munsel - finally! i have been waiting for an update and am not disappointed. this alone leaves me speechless.


gummo, by harmony korine.
i admit- it's a film i was never a fan of...but looking back, there are some really beautiful things about it- the last scene being one. i think i like it that much more really just because of the song, "crying," by roy orbison. had he used something else, maybe not so much...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

on the contrary

but, jenny holzer is my own hero.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

we should all be so lucky

and this is how i want to feel right now. more denise grunstein.

this is how i feel right now

thanks to royal quiet deluxe. photos by denise grunstein. there are other some really amazing ones on that site.

rain or shine

I've mentioned my friend Aimee's line, Gryphon, before, and today the New York Times ran a great photo of one her best sellers (above). See here for the rest of the slideshow. Absolute perfection. Everything about it, down to the lining color...It's so time appropriate for now, when we all need a bit of flair to brighten our days. If you need it now like I do, go here.

Also, let's not forget to mention this- to be referenced in the same breath as Christophe Decarnin, of Balmain, is definitely something to be proud of...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

this is what i need right now

learn where to buy it here, and then please invite me over!

ideal outfit

i would love to lounge around in this.

claudia schiffer, paris vogue (not sure of the issue/year)

fear of flying

photo by ceen wahren

from the archives

blockprint on tea and raspberry-dyed muslin. i'm thinking of printing up some more on fabric and on black walnut. i'm a one trick pony and it's the block that keeps on printing.

thanks to deena at strong kent wythe for teaching me how to carve.

sometimes i think the unthinkable...

i miss los angeles. i was only there for just over a year, and there were so many good and bad things about it. here's one of the good- the view from my home:

another thing i miss? click here...

american flag

talent and looks. chan marshall makes this flag look divine.

photo pulled from a continuous lean, taken by david black

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm still sick

but these make me feel like dancing.

thanks to all things ordinary for this.

more thanks...

Thanks to Anna Yu and Stylehive for profiling Duskin in their Next Big Thing section. We really love all of the support! Click here for the interview...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

there's beauty in sadness

like the mourning ring, sometimes such beauty comes of sadness.
this photo was taken from the southern california fires happening right now.
there is something so pretty in all that darkness, and, of course, so sad at the same time...i hope everyone is ok.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

good mourning

this georgian mourning ring is all i'd need to get by.
jet, pearls, and a crystal-covered braid of hair. morbidly exquisite.

lovisa burfitt


Thursday, November 13, 2008

if it's true, sign me up

i need a vacation where nothing ever happens. that would be....just heaven.

installation by nathan coley

l.o.v.e. to u.o.

another thanks- this time to urban outfitters, for mentioning duskin on their blog, in the new york section! thank you, thank you! xx

plaid mad

it's about equality right? because i love this look for men AND women...

from the new york times

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the new new

a big thanks to jillian hobbs of nova style for the lovely duskin write-up. we're as much a fan of you, as you are of us! x

photo: sofia coppola, miss dior cherie

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the beat that my heart skipped

duskin spring 09; the racerback.

falling for

sam falls, yes, i see this shit, and i love it.

lives of crime

it's a sin: another unhealthy obsession of mine is eric johnson, of the band fruit bats, and, occasionally, the shins. i "pulled" these images off this flickr page, which i assume belongs to his girlfriend, annie beedy. i just outed myself as a stalker. godspeed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

green thumbs

not the best images, but i had to take pictures of this really beautiful truck parked outside my pharmacy. from what i could tell, it's pretty much a traveling flower/plant shop. i could live there, it was decorated brilliantly. can you see? there didn't seem to be much of a selection, and they were busy setting up, so i couldn't get any info...but i'll be sure to check back on them and see if it's a regular thing, and hopefully post better images.

*it's a moving gallery called parts and labor and this installation is titled, "You can learn a lot of things from the flowers": A Flower Shop.


pip-squeak chapeau

lovely; click for more.


home of kat heyes, via cup of joe and design sponge.

new graphics
flower delivery