Thursday, November 6, 2008

lost in space

of time and place.

this is otherworldly. found it on baby says boutique (nice eye!), but the origins are unknown. if anyone knows where this comes from, please share...thanks!

*11.8.08 a version found this for me....a great story. thanks!


Jillian said...

i miss my dollhouse :(

a version said...

Hi oh my i can definitely help you out...sort of. It was on someone's blog, she lives near the house.
If I find it again i'll let you know but it definitely exists somewhere out there in the blogosphere

Baby Says Boutique said...

Pleasure to know that you have stumbled across out blog! Hope you are well and I look forward to your collection!


Baby Says Boutique said...


Julia said...

They talk about this house in the blog "Lola is beauty".


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