Monday, February 9, 2009

this thing called love

you know you have a good friend when, in the midst of hanging up a very important show, they stop everything to shoot your lookbook. early, on a sunday morning. and then they wait patiently as you edit through over a thousand images, so they can work their magic, in a rush, because you always need things yesterday...

that's matt wilson for you, and his show titled, this placed called home, opens with a reception on thursday. if you are in new york, please stop by. the show is up until march 11, 2009, so if you can't come on thursday, you have a month to make your way there.

here's a bit from the press release:
"matt wilson’s current body of work is part of an ongoing project, based upon a collection of transient observations, the landscapes of every day life and the people that call those landscapes home. it delves into the artist’s own history, his formative and current years within his home landscape and in the city he now resides and also, those of distant landscapes both literally and metaphorically he has traveled. a subtle, visually rich character study of what makes us who we are and the places we all inhabit and journey to, a chance to observe those looking outward whilst reflectively an opportunity to gaze inward."

for more information and images, please visit

this place called home
photographic works by matt wilson
521 west 25th street
ground floor

opening reception
february 12, 2009


Jillian said...

that is so exciting about his show, and very kind of him to help you on such a short notice!
gl to him on thursday!


say no more. i can't wait to see his work.

July Stars said...

So many good photography shows opening this week in NY. Wish I was there instead of London!

Joanna Goddard said...

oooh i'm going to come by, hope to see you there!


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