Monday, May 4, 2009

scarred for life

kelli scarr, is not only a talented musician, she is also a wonderful mother, and a great, new friend.

i was really tired the first time i saw her (and met her), but 10 seconds into her first song i knew that i was going to be blown away. she's touring this summer, so if you find her playing in your area, please don't miss it. she is just incredibly moving to watch and hear.

along with her solo project, she's also part of the bands salt & samovar, and color of clouds.

for more info, you can find her on myspace, facebook, or her blog.

the following song, "anything," is a rough cut off her new album, which she is currently recording. enjoy.

photo by derek frampton davis.

*if the player isn't working properly, please listen to the song HERE. it's too good not to.

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