Tuesday, July 28, 2009


excuse the lack of posts- it's been a hectic few weeks with fall production and shipping while organizing the spring collection. multi-tasking can be really difficult during high-summer!

yesterday i met up with some fellow designers (all companies are vogue alumni!) to check out possible event spaces for fashion's night out. here they are outside of a construction site in nolita that was formerly a pop-up gallery. how cute are they? i just had to take a picture...

l-r: aimee cho - gryphon, mauricio quezada and tasha green - hester, and nicole boucher - thread social

ok, more on the event later..for now, it's back to work!


Jillian said...

sounds like fun i love meeting new people!
hope you're well and cannot wait to see your spring line! yay!

If Jane said...

quite exciting!


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