Tuesday, September 1, 2009


i made the cut!
just don't blink, it's literally a second.

um, also...look at annebet's (doucette duvall) amazing tights! and that blonde hair!

the rachel zoe project.
season 2; episode 2.



duskin on prime time! i might get cable just to watch this! braditude, we all need some!

Daly Essentials said...

I'm soo jealous! that's so awesome ( I think it goes without saying, "I Die")

miss sophie said...

omg i just saw the episode last night and i had to pause the TV to make sure it was you. you guys are so cute - and so is brad! :)

jeanie said...

stephanie-- i saw you on bedford last night. :) my roomie stopped to pet your yorkie and i thought hmm.. that's her but did not say hi. should have! you are so tiny. and your dog is so precious... !

Jillian said...

omg i just saw that episode!

i died... i completely forgot u might be in there somewhere u look hot!


Lola Is Beauty said...

I saw you on the show! So weird, I went: that's my friend/I mean a girl I know/oh I mean I don't know her, she's a designer/I read her blog. Yeah, basically I read her blog.

Tell Brad I love him, I wanna be a BradHag (in the nicest possible way)

Serg Riva said...

a friend sent me to your blog. what a great time. Enjoying it very much...

looking fwd to reading more.



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