Monday, October 26, 2009

broken in

not the vpl boots below, but better because i actually own these ones from cole, rood & haan.

they had a really fun party recently where they let you choose a pair of shoes/boots. everyone went wild for them, not just because they were free, but because they're really well designed and constructed, and they are incredibly comfortable too.

they also are almost identical to a pair of boots i begged my mother to buy me when i was 8 (i succeeded), which means that i'm possibly regressing. but i guess that's not a bad thing. i was waaaaay cooler back then.


Casey said...

Nahhh, yer way cooler now ;)
Awesome post.

Gretchen said...

girl! You and I have matching taste. I'm about to splurge on a pair just like that but in bone! Bone colored boots in Portland Rainy Oregon...hmmmmmm, I can't help it!


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