Monday, August 17, 2009

happy birthday brad!!!

our favorite bow-tie-wearing pair-of-hot-legs had a birthday party at the standard in new york recently. pictures to come, but check out the t-shirt i designed and gave away with danielle, casey, and annebet! it was actually casey and danielle's BRILLIANT idea to do a t-shirt gift, but i'm a geek who sits in front of the computer all day when not lugging fabric back and forth in the garment district, so the second i read their email i was in illustrator mocking up ideas...look out for them as 50 lucky guests left the party, many of them in their new t-shirts!


Jillian said...

bahahaha "hot pair of legs" oh la la!
awww I love brad he's always so absolutely sweet on that show! <3 love the shirts Stephanie!

Lola Is Beauty said...

you KNOW brad?!!! I love him and his bow ties.


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