Monday, August 31, 2009

pillow talk

every once and a while when i'm lacking inspiration (ok, maybe once a day), i'll re-visit the j morgan puett website, as witnessed in the previous post. i feel like as many times as i've seen it all, i'm always discovering something new there. it really made me want to make something right then and there. and even though i have a clothing line, rarely do i do the sewing myself these days. because i'm out of practice, i thought making something really simple would be a good way to get back into it, and i wouldn't get bored by the complications that can arise when using a sewing machine you've never really learned how to use.

there is a lot of fabric in my apartment, but i have this pillowcase that i bought in puerto rico with my friend julia a few years's a really beautiful white linen with fagoting and a simple embroidery...i've washed it so many times that it started to disintegrate. i didn't want to throw it away, so i hung it up for a while. and then took it down. i decided recently that i wanted to make it into a dress, or use it as inspiration for one. so now, finally, here it is. in all it's glory. inspired by j morgan puett's amazing everything.

i wore it to see grizzly bear (with a slip, of course) but the line was too long, so we ended up at hotel delmano instead. none of that really matters, but by the time i got home, the dress had shredded about 75% more. it's a bit ridiculous, but i love it.

better pictures coming when the light comes out.



i need a new word for: tell me how i can own this.


JULIA said...

sooooooooo pretty

If Jane said...

oh you are REALLY cool all day!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Fabulous! I just got a sewing machine for the very first time in my life and made a dress for my daughter out of a vintage apron that had been hanging on the back of a door for two years. It actually came out quite lovely! But this is what I want to make've inspired me.


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