Wednesday, December 31, 2008

don't save us from the flames

i think i've used that title before, but it seems appropriate for the magical image above.
happy new year, everyone- let's try make good on our resolutions for 2009...
mine are:
1. sleep, wake up early
2. start running more (again)
3. work less, but make more meaningful work
4. less internet roaming, but more blogging
5. relax
6. spend more time with family
7. movies, books, art, music- see, read, look, listen more (thanks for reminding me, rebecca)
what are some of yours?
photo by ryan mcginley.


Rebs said...

you said it perfectly- less internet roaming, more blogging. well, still some meaningful internet roaming. less coveting things on ebay.
my others-
make and save money
less procrastination
eat more healthy
stay in touch with people
read more
write more music
listen to more music i don't already know

brooke said...

i love your blog, and this photo!
it's gorgeous.
i want to start running as well, but i've never been able to run very far!

Strong Kent Wythe said...

read more library books, less macbooks!

duskin, wish you every bit of 1 thru 7 in the new year and other pretty (amazing) things.


Bradford said...

i think i'll steal most of your list. i'll omit #6 and add: drink more wine and make your own list in 2010

happy new year!

L said...

1. Try pilates
2. Spend as much time outdoors as possible.
3. Be open to new design ideas
4. Stop spending money on clothing I give away after 1 year.
5. Try Indian food.
6. Find a good Thai restaurant.
7. Contribute.
8. Floss twice a day. This is a must.
9. Make more mixes for friends.
10. Get our 3rd dog!

Susie Bubble said...

Love that M83 track.....agree with your resolutions wholeheartedly!

Little Miss Dress Up said...

happy new year :) i do hope you have a great one!

i love that m83 song btw.

kara said...

i keep thinking back to the line every since I read less, more meaningful work. its a great thought...thanks.


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