Wednesday, December 10, 2008

good mourning II

i met diana oberlander years ago through a mutual friend, but i never knew much about her, except that she also worked in fashion, and was going to grad school. we just reconnected through facebook (but, of course), and after rummaging through her photos (isn't that what you do on those sites?) i was pleasantly surprised to learn that she is also a brilliant artist. i immediately fell in love with this porcelain mourning lace series she made, as well as the book of woodcuts also pictured. i love how the shapes are so fluid, that by default, they are perfect. it pains me to know that most of them have been snatched up, but i'm not surprised. Victorian lace patterns on porcelain? I've died and gone to heaven.

sadly, she doesn't have a website, otherwise i would post it here. she's a rare breed that doesn't really try to commercialize on her artistic talents. much of her work is personal, and word spreads organically.


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Ellen Christine Millinery said...

perfect present for brides, right? I'm thinking housewarming, births, where they want Tiffany's and you want something else, something lovely and ephemerous............


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