Monday, December 29, 2008

you're it

(12.30.08) i decided to keep adding to this list since there is so much i left out, and i am also a terrible editor and a hasty poster.

the other day i was tagged for the very first time by noemi, from life in lomo and xxn. Here are 8-ish a bunch of random things about myself:
1. i am addicted to the internet. i'm on it all day.
2. i sometimes wish i was still a smoker.
3. i am addicted to sleeping. i love it and i hate it. i can do it all day.
4. i take pleasure in my tears. sometimes pain feels good.
5. i like firm handshakes and good jokes.
6. i don't like a song, i love it. and then i listen to it over and over, and over and over.
7. two of my close friends i've known for 24+25 years.
8. i hate photos of myself, my dog's name is lou, and we are both pictured above.
9. i am rarely weather-appropriate, wearing summer clothes during the winter, and some winter clothes during the summer.
10. i lived in los angeles for just over a year, and sometimes i miss it. a lot. but most times i am so happy to be back in new york.
11. i take pleasure in an evening drink.
12. i have a terrible sweet-tooth, and i'm a junk food junkie
13. i love young love.
14. with a -9.5 / -10 prescription, i'm almost legally blind.
tagging nova-style, lolita, a cup of joe, all things ordinary, and le bouton studio, strong kent wythe, and forty sixth at grace


Voodoo Child said...

Nice fun facts. I too am addicted to sleeping. haha

Jillian said...

i love how honest and cute ur little answers are haha
and that photo is gorgeous, where the heck are u? Oh and I want ur puppy! <3

Joanna Goddard said...

your photo is lovely! :) i love your answers. i am addicted to the internet too.

kara said...


kara said...

ps - on the contrary, you and lou seem quite photogenic

sarah said...

adorable photo, a girl and her dog. that house looks like the one in the english patient...

WendyB said...

I feel you on #3. I'm always sleeping when I should be awake and vice versa.

nikole said...

this weekend.

east side bride said...

yikes, um, i just kind of got a big crush on you.


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