Tuesday, January 20, 2009

steven alan | duskin spring 09

steven alan was the first retailer to place an order with duskin for spring, and for that i am so grateful. i've always been a fan of the store, and remember back when there was only one. it's great to see their success - they have a look that is all their own, and it serves them well.
their merchandise is very nice, and well chosen, and it appears so is their team. i recently spoke with tiffany iung, and she has just posted the interview on the steven alan journal/blog. please check it out here.

tiffany also keeps her own blog (with her boyfriend- how sweet is that?), which can be seen here.

thanks! and have a great day.


Le Bouton said...

i can't wait to see your clothes in the world!

July Stars said...

This look is absolutely perfect. The right combination of chic and contemporary slouchy masculine detailing!

caroline said...

i want to wear this every day!

nikole said...

great interview,
i can't wait for spring!

Nanashi said...

Congratulations, I just saw the journal post on the Steven Alan site, your works are beautiful! I can't wait to go see them in person when I visit my sister in New York in the spring. =)

east side bride said...

steven alan = awesome

Stompface said...

ooh pretty clothes yes please.

I like this picture a lot and those pants are fantasticly manly.


Jane Aldridge said...

this looks amazing!
loved the interview.

Roberta Jane said...

Congrats... I love Steven Alan... and I can't believe Spring is here (clothing-wise that is)!!!


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