Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tune in / tune out

there's a new playlist up, and it's now manual instead of auto-play, because if you're like me, you open multiple blogs at once, and sometimes there's a scary symphony arrangement between them all that could definitely be avoided. now, you have the power.

i'm still unpacking and working (i have a feeling those words will be repeated through many more posts), so i quickly just thought of some songs i was feeling for my mood right now. how do i sound to you?


Lola Is Beauty said...

I love that song! I still have it (on cassette tape no less) somewhere around here. p.s. I am a little bit obsessed with your jersey tuxedo jacket - will I be able to get it in London anywhere?

Allure said...

I've never heard La vie en rose singed by Marlene Dietrich before! She did a nice cover ;)

Hope you're doing well

kara said...

this is totally hitting the spot today. electric feel and staring at the sun and some new order...THANK YOU. I am ready to dance. I left my ipod at home and this is a lifesaver.

Tina Lovely said...

i really love your play lists.
i up them even though i've read through your blog a million times just to have the sweet playlist!


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